The Process

1. Initial Contact

Contact us via Facebook, our website or on the phone.

We will ask questions to gather information about your project, for example project location, where you are up to in the process, what the project involves, expected timelines etc.  This assists with our planning and prioritisation

At this point we will ask for any plans, engineering plans or other reports and information you may have to be sent through electronically

2. Site Visit

Meet with Brad on site to discuss your project in more detail and view the current site or structure.  We will ask more questions about the design and any selected fittings and finishes and any special features to be included/considered.  Photos of the existing site or structure will be taken.

3. Quote preparation/Pricing

We will prepare a quote based upon discussions to date.

A fixed price quote sets up a guaranteed price so you know you are within your budget.  All works and materials required will be quoted and priced.  Any changes made following signing of the contract will be variations to the original contract and will be at an additional cost to the fixed price contract figure.

A cost-plus contract means that you pay for the work physically completed, that is the materials used labour required, with the addition of a builders margin (industry standard is 20%)

4. Sign Contracts

Once a price has been finalised and both parties are happy with the agreed price contracts will be created for signing PRIOR to commencement of work. Industry standard contracts are used to ensure fair and equitable conditions for both parties are set up.

5. Start Building

We will keep you informed all the way.

Ponman Process