Client Testimonials

We used Ponman Constructions in a renovation of an investment property. The cottage itself was a virtual knockdown. We could not be more thrilled with the result. Brad and his team’s attention to detail and innovative work throughout the process were amazing.

Brad was always willing to engage with us in every step of the process. The result was better than we could have ever expected. The service Ponman Constructions provided did not end on completion of the project and Brad was always available with any information we required down the track.

We would not hesitate to recommend or use Ponman Constructions on any future project.

Vickie and Peter Dodds

When it comes to Ponman Constructions there isn’t a single factor that draw us in, it was multiple. We were building our dream home and brad from the beginning showed determination, innovation and dedication.  Brad lived up to all the things he said he would, our home was completed in record time and by our deadline (our wedding which was to be held at our new home), the quality was never jeopardised (in fact was at a much better standard than ever expected). Brad went above and beyond, turning up on weekends and public holidays to complete tasks to ensure the schedules were meet. Brad and his team were easy going, approachable and always kept us in the loop with what and where we were up too.  With Brad we have not only found an excellent builder but a lifelong friend.

We definitely would recommend Ponman Constructions to anyone building/renovating and we already have done so to numerous people and we would not hesitate to call him back for any future projects we may have. We can not speak highly enough of brads dedication and excellent work.

Garry and Mel

Brad & Michelle,

Thank you so much for your hard work, effort and attention to detail with our renovation we are thrilled with the result!

Vickie & Peter

Hi Michelle

It is very hard to pin this answer down to one thing as there were many aspects to the build that were all important. However i suppose the absolute professionalism that came with all aspects of the build. This started with first contact prior to the build until now. We felt from the beginning we were in safe hands, and kept informed each step of the way. We never had a moment of worry the whole way through as i knew Brad and his team had the experience to sort any issues out. This attitude was matched equally with all the Tradesmen Brad brought in, all high quality people.

I’m stumped with the second question as i don’t think anything could have been done better, I really can’t!

I would recommend Ponman Constructions without any reservation at all. The whole process was so positive i almost wish we were going to build again!  The quality of the workmanship and Brads enthusiasm was impressive and i feel anyone choosing Ponman construction is not only in safe hands with a builder who cares about the client but who has pride in his workmanship.

Also i have to say Michelle it was nice to be guided in design areas i hadn’t any experience about and choices i may have regretted later.

Lastly, i have to say I’m so grateful to Mick and Chad some of those days were beyond belief and they kept on working to the same standard every day on days when i couldn’t even go out!

Thank you so much!

Karen and Oliver

In 2013 Ponman Constructions undertook significant renovations to our 30 year old home.  Brad made himself available in the pre contract stage at mutually convenient times and suggested many good ideas and tips.  He discussed costs and the timing of the work openly.

I know from other people’s experience with other builders that doing major renovations can be a difficult experience.  For us the difficulty was only in the things that could not be avoided- such as the disruption due to the actual renovations, and not with the builders or the tradesmen.

Brad and his team arrived as planned on day one and diligently worked through each task until the job was completed to our satisfaction.   The quality of the work, the speed and the teamwork Brad brought with him was obvious on inspection on final completion.

Throughout the renovations we never had cause to doubt Brad’s integrity, taste, pragmatism, attention to detail and good faith.   His staff and his subcontractors worked as a team.

Brad suggested at the beginning the results of our renovations would be “schmick”.  I googled “schmick” and it said:  “stylish, excellent”.    At the end of our renovations I had to agree with Brad.  They looked “schmick”.

Mark Sullivan, Dudley

I was referred to Ponman Constructions for my bathroom renovation from my neighbour who recently used Ponman Constructions for their home renovation.  I was impressed with the work I had seen at my neighbours home, it was good to be able to see the quality of the workmanship.

The thing that stands out for me about Ponman Constructions is the detail, Brad is very good with detail and he likes to make sure that, it’s like he is doing it for his own house, so he wants to make it perfect, tries his best to make the detail that he likes to work.  Brad is also very good with his management skills and how he wants to get it right every time….we appreciate that

Every little problem that he might of come across Brad was able to sort it, he negotiated with me, gave options and came up with a solution that everyone was happy with.  I would definitely recommend Ponman Constructions to people I know…I had another quote from someone else but I wasn’t as confident, that’s why we decided to go with Brad

Judy Henrys, February 13, 2017

The quality of the building and the workmanship from Ponman Constructions  was outstanding.  The process was really really good, we really enjoyed the building process.

Brads communication was very good, he kept us in touch all of the time with what was happening and he explained everything, he is actually quite creative, he just comes up with these ideas and tells the boys to build them, theres no plan or anything.  They were prompt and they just kept at their work and getting it done, it was a good experience, there was nothing bad about it that’s for sure, we’re very happy!

Brads attention to detail was unsurpassed because he looked at everything, he would make sure this was right, that was right, and that every little bit was right.  They didn’t mind going the extra yard to do it properly.  The workers were friendly and courteous and they worked with us, it was a really pleasant experience throughout the whole process.  Brad always kept us informed, the workmen were always polite and they worked with us in everything that they did.

We would be really happy to have Brad work with us again and would have no problem with recommending him at all to anyone.  We have actually already spoken to Brad about some future projects we are working on.  Ponman Constructions have done a great job and we have really enjoyed the building process, this was my first experience with building so it was great to have enjoyed the process.  It was really positive, we have no negatives at all, not one.

Phil Trevillien, February 13, 2017

Ponman Constructions undertook the project of “refurb-ing” my home, bringing it back to the standard I am happy with and touching up the signs of ageing on the home.  Brad and his team were able to maintain the integrity of the home to continue its original state, maintaining the quality of the existing building

Working with Ponman Constructions you deal with who you deal with, with other building companies you often have multiple points of contact.  This single point of contact during the building process decreases the opportunity for communication breakdowns and delays.  It is a real advantage opposed to other forms of building!!

There was nothing really that I feel that could have been done better or improved upon in the process. I had my own melting moments, however we put out the brief and you filled the brief.  I would definitely recommend Ponman Constructions for a job that was the right fit, for the right build.

Lisa Robinson

The best thing about Ponman Constructions was that the efficiency of the build, the 14 weeks that it took to complete a total interior and exterior renovation of my old beach cottage, and of course the quality was there, but the efficiency is the thing.  That’s what you need otherwise you lose momentum and often the quality drops too if you don’t have that efficiency.  Everybody in the street commented on the way Brad ran the site, they can see it wasn’t going to go off track.

It really helps to be around during the decision-making process, and I feel that I was allowed to be involved in that process.  You hear of people getting warned off their sites, regularly these days, particularly with project home builders that don’t really want you there looking at what they are doing, Brad has nothing to hide so he engages you and lets you know what he is doing.  He usually comes up with a lot more questions and tells you to start thinking ahead because we are going to be there sooner than you think, all of that adds to it.  In an individual sense where you are getting a higher quality build, its good if you can keep those communications open and very regular because it keeps it running.

I’ve got no real regrets…. I was very happy with what Brad recommended, he made it look the part.  It’s hard not to be tempted by a lower price because it’s dollars, but a premium build over a very ordinary build might be the difference of $40k to $50k in it but if you choose the wrong builder the memories can be bad and long, you might only be doing this once in your life.  I look at it this way, OK it might cost you a bit extra but do you have any regrets…. NO, and then you look at people that never get over it.

I would have no problem in recommending Ponman Constructions to anyone.  In fact, I already have, my son will be calling you soon to get a quote.

Ian Muir, January 27, 2017