Our Values

At Ponman Constructions we believe that Quality Matters. Our values are the foundation on which we have built this philosophy. Any building project whether it be small or large is usually planned for some time, consumes your life and is a large financial outlay on your biggest asset – your home. Ensuring you are comfortable and confident we are the best builder for you is paramount. You can be confident in our:


Our passion for building is driven by knowledge. We aim to lead the industry using the newest techniques and the latest materials. Continuing professional development ensures all staff have the knowledge to perform the best for you.


Clear, open and regular communication is essential for the success of any project. From initial contact to completion we are always available and will respond promptly to your concerns and questions.


A reliable builder can be hard to find, so at Ponman Constructions you can trust that we mean what we say and we say what we mean.  If we say we will be there we will be there.  If we say we will do it we will.  We are a builder you can depend on with confident certainty, you can rely on us to get the job done right consistently.


Attention to detail is the core of our business at Ponman Constructions. We pride ourselves on an exceptional level of detail and workmanship in all our projects. We treat each project as if it were our own, ensuring the best quality finish possible.


You can trust that you are dealing with an honest team in Ponman Constructions. You can be sure we have a transparent process in place from quoting to invoicing. Our repeat customers value our “real” communication, work style and the ability to be able to “come on site at any time”. We have nothing to hide.


At Ponman Constructions we strive to treat all people with courtesy, politeness and kindness.  This environment encourages coworkes to come together and work towards the goals of the team and to feel supported.  Our systems, processes and people enable our punctuality and quality time after time.  Without a culture of mutual respect for all, people will not come together as a team.

Ponman Values
Ponman Values